The terms and conditions below form the basis under which your order will be executed. It is imperative that you read and thoroughly understand these terms and conditions and that you check the detail of the above quotation.   If you have any queries of any nature please speak directly with the person with whom you initiated this agreement. For the purpose of these terms and conditions the customer is herein referred to as ‘the Client’.


IDEAS AND DESIGNS: The client accepts that the services, ideas, images and designs contained within this agreement remains the sole property of Pinks Franchising UK Ltd and/or its accredited agents (herein after referred to as Pinks)  and are not to be passed to any other party.

ALTERNATIVE VASES: Pinks reserves the right, without penalty or cancellation by the client, unless subject to our cancellation policies as in item 10, to alter the style and shape of vases, pots, sundry items and any display articles after discussion with the client should any required articles be or become unavailable prior to the function date.

VENUE APPOINTMENTS: All venue appointment times, for the purpose of setting up or delivery, will where necessary be arranged by Pinks with the appropriate organisers and confirmed with the client. Following this procedure, in the event of any delays no matter how so caused by any organiser, Pinks hourly rates, as set out below, shall automatically be charged to the client for immediate payment.

LIABILITIES AND INSURANCE: .It is to be clearly understood that Pinks will be acting solely on the instructions of the client and that while every possible care will be taken by Pinks in the construction and formation of all creations and arrangements and the like, no responsibility or liability of any nature no matter how caused will be accepted by Pinks for any damage, injury, or accident to any persons or property throughout the duration of these items being on site. The client is strongly advised where appropriate to ensure that their own event insurance policy covers the aforementioned possibilities.

CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITIES: All rented and/or items on loan by Pinks to the client will become the full responsibility of the client once arranged and put in place at the venue. The client shall be fully responsible for all damaged or missing items no matter how caused. All such items shall be charged to the client at full retail value for immediate payment by return. The Client will be required to complete and sign in advance a vase hire agreement, which will include retail values and quantities.  Pinks also reserve the right to deduct the cost of such automatically from any deposits made by the client.

DELIVERY:   Delivery will be in line with the above quotation.  If no specific arrangements have been made with regards delivery and set-up the flowers will be left at a reception.  It is a Clients responsibility to liaise with the establishment regarding further distribution.

COLLECTIONS/STORAGE: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure adequate safe storage of all loaned or hired items from Pinks until the agreed collection time or date. Pinks will have made an agreement (as in item 3) with the appropriate organiser for collection. If for any reason there are any delays during collection the appropriate labour and travel charges will be automatically charged directly to the client.

VENUE VISIT COSTS: Venue visits will be charged to the client in line with Pinks hourly rates plus an allowance for travel. These charges shall be agreed with the client and must be paid for in full prior to the visit.  Pinks must be informed of any cancellations of appointments at lest 48hrs in advance  so no charge is incurred.

CREDIT CARD LEVIES: A 3% processing charge shall be added to all and any charges to the client for transactions made by credit cards. To avoid this costs please pay by cash, debit card or cheque (please allow 7 days for clearance for cheques).  Appointments or any arrangements will not be considered to be finally confirmed until all payments are cleared and received into a Pinks account.

PINKS CANCELLATION POLICIES:  The initial 20% booking fee is non-refundable. All cancellations must be made directly to Pinks in writing by letter or email. If the event is cancelled within 4 weeks of the function date a further 10% cancellation fee will be deducted from the balance returned.  No refunds can be given if cancelled within 7 days of function date. 

AMENDMENTS: Changes can be made at any time at no cost up until final balance is paid. (normally 6 weeks before) Any decrease in order quantity after this point will be subject to a 10% cancellation fee on the refunded amount.

VAT: All costs and estimates include VAT at current rate unless otherwise stated. Vat receipts will be provided on request.

LABOUR AND TRAVEL RATES: Labour/travel rates are as follows: Manager/Designer Florist £20 per hr. Senior/Qualified Florist £17.50 per hr. Assistant Florist £12.50 per hr. Drivers £15.00 per hr. In addition to these rates travel is calculated at 75p per mile. Larger vehicles will be charged at cost + all labour delivery and return times and associated costs plus an appropriate mileage allowance according to size.

COMPLAINTS: Should you have any issues with the quality and standard of flowers/displays , you must notify Pinks on the day of receipt.  Pinks reserve the right to rectify any errors on the day without prejudice. Any complaints regarding quality/shape/size/quantity etc cannot be accepted after the day of the event. Please ensure you thoroughly check the details in your proposals for errors.

A copy of these terms and conditions will be sent to you with your initial proposal. We will not send further copies with any additional quotations unless requested. Payment of the initial booking fee will imply and confirm that the client is in full agreement with these terms and conditions and contents of this entire proposal.